Today we are extremely excited to launch the inaugural audiocast, Feast of Ideas. This first series features Ken Myers of Mars Hill Audio. Ken is an amazing gift that the Lord has given to the church. He has his pulse on the culture and a heart for helping all of us to integrate our faith and work in ways that produce thriving institutions and communities. His passion led him to start Mars Hill Audio in the early 1990s. If you want to know more about it, I would encourage you to download the Mars Hill Audio App and begin taking advantage of all the resources available.

This Feast of Ideas audiocast is a three-part series and is made possible by the joint effort of Made to Flourish and The Collaborative. Today we are publishing the first installment with Case Thorp and Justin Holcomb as the co-hosts for this one as well as the second and third installments. Their commentary ensures that we don’t miss anything. There is a lot packed into this conversation and by splitting it up into three separate recordings allow us to marinate in the rich insight that Ken provides. We hope you enjoy this first episode.

This audiocast was originally featured on The Collaborative blog

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