Feast of Ideas: Episode 3

Feast of Ideas - FB (1).png

This is the 3rd installment of our audiocast, Feast of Ideas featuring Ken Myers. See our previous two blog posts for the first and second episodes. Someone said during the pandemic that, ”In our urgency to return to our normal lives, make sure we are rushing back those things that are worth rushing back to.”

One of the lessons coming out of Covid-19 is the assessment of the stewardship of our lives. In the conversation with Ken Myers his comments regarding renewal are great fodder for how we should think about which things to rush back to when life returns to normal. All three of these episodes inspire greater intentionality and purposefulness. 

Feast of Ideas is just one of the resources we have created to help us deepen our understanding of how our faith and work can be seamlessly integrated. If you do not already subscribe to our blogs, you can do so here and we encourage you to share these resources with others.

Let’s dive in to Episode 3!

Listen Here

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