Bold Papal Gestures, Past & Future

Bold Papal Gestures, Past & Future

Benedict XVI begins to consider his legacy as pope while the cardinals prepare for their conclave in which the next pope will be chosen. As the conclave considers its future leader the question remains: will they choose a pope from the Southern Hemisphere where clearly the future of Christianity lies? Papal actions and, likewise papal … Read more

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Fidel & Benedict

Two men. Two ubiquitous names. Two individuals who shape our times and will resonate in the history books. And two very different paths each with their own lessons for the rest of us to observe. The psychologist would point to their family of origin as a reason why these men chose such divergent paths. Perhaps … Read more

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The Trust Deficit

Last night John Huntsman delivered his victory/concession speech (which was it?) for his third place finish in the New Hampshire Republican primary. One of his main points concerned the decrease of trust the American public has for its major institutions. He said, “The people of the greatest nation that ever was, the United State of … Read more

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